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Childcare from 6 weeks of age

Castle Creek Christian Academy offers love and acceptance from 6 weeks of age. Our Infant Program is designed to mimic the home environment, following parental direction and requests through the Infant Monthly Resume. This report is a communication tool which helps us to understand your desires for your baby and the daily care they receive. We feel that it is important to develop a close relationship with our parents to better understand your requests for your child's care.


Our Toddler Program focuses on "Baby Signs", a communication tool that babies can use to let us know their feelings, requests for feeding, and initial vocabulary words. This age group is the start of classroom structure, which brings such success to future learning. There is constant interaction and nurturing which is so crucial to development at this age.


The Early Preschool and Young Preschool Classrooms take the first step in using the A Beka curriculum. The classroom setting is begins to develop, and the start of phonics, and deeper Biblical truths are taught. Independence is welcomed and many important goals are met. Potty training is mastered through classroom routine, individual insecurities are battled and won, and independence is another step in their development. 

Preschool and Junior Kindergarten Fosters Elementary Preparedness

Castle Creek's 3-year-old program masters the classroom setting which is so crucial to elementary preparedness. The children develop fine motor skills through handwriting, use of scissors, and other manipulative activities. Spanish classes are being taught, as well as teaching about the world around us. Mission outreach starts and Biblical character building seeds are planted. Individuality is praised and independence is always encouraged.


The Junior Kindergarten program is a wonderful example of elementary preparedness. Phonics skills are accessed and individual reading groups are formed. Children will learn to tell time, count in number families, and Social Studies and Science activities are hands-on learning experiences. Field trips will be taken monthly to enhance learning concepts outside of the center, and will often give an opportunity for parental involvement and classroom team building. Your 5-year-old will have a wonderful foundation to kindergarten upon the completion of their Junior Kindergarten school year!


We care for children from Kindergarten through 5th grade in our public school pick-up program. We take children to school who arrive for care in the early morning, as well as provide after school pickup each afternoon. Upon arrival, the children will be served an afternoon snack, have an opportunity to work through any homework with assistance and have time for outdoor and indoor activities. We also o er care during school holidays when public school is out of session and parents need care during working hours. 

Summer Fun

Castle Creek has new and exciting programs planned each Summer. Contact Castle Creek for more information on our programs, field trips, menus and scheduled events.

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